About Sumit Jha

Hello Welcome To HindiMaiGyan.Com

My name is Sumit Kumar Jha, an engineer returned marketer.

I have seen very less information about Digital Marketing in the Hindi language. Many people like you are willing to learn Digital Marketing but are unable to do so.

If you are not good at English and then this blog will help you.

When I was doing my engineering, a lot of challenges came my way. I was not able to get a decent job in my domain. Although I was doing the job to support my family however I was not satisfied.

A friend of my mine introduced me to the field of Digital Marketing and soon I was loving it.

I left my job and started an internship in Digital Marketing. I was amazed by seeing the opportunities in this field.

After a while, I saw that many people want to learn Digital Marketing but are unable to do so due to the language barrier.

So, I started this thing on me and planned this bog. In my blog, you will find valuable insights about Digital Marketing, starting a blog, and new trends.

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact me.